6 Most Commonly Broken Motor Laws You Should Avoid at All Costs

No matter how good a driver you are, you will always end up breaking some motor laws one way or another. The only difference being that some break them voluntarily while others break the laws without even knowing them. Remember, In order to lead a life free of motor law violations, these good driving behaviours should become an integral part of your driving life.

So, the next time you are behind the wheel, knowing a thing or two about the most commonly broken motor laws in the country will help you avoid getting into trouble in the future. Of course, you will not find all the motor law violations, but this should give you a springboard for making sense of what you’re up against on a day to day basis. Most people tend to forget the driving skills they pick up when they start out.

1.  Driving when you are distracted

Distracted drivers are at a greater risk of having an accident than the ones who always have their eyes on the road. Studies conducted across the country have seen over sixty per cent of young drivers admitting to texting and driving. Now, it’s a serious offence that could endanger the lives of people on the road. Drivers are guilty of being distracted for various other reasons including, talking on the phone while driving, putting on makeup while driving, eating or sipping drinks, rubbernecking, listening to loud music, reading news etc. Even the kids and pets in your vehicle could become a major source of distraction. Ignore all the distractions and keep your eyes on the road.

2.  Mechanical issues in your vehicle

Motor law requires all vehicles to carry inspection stickers which attest to the sound condition of a vehicle. Your vehicles should always be ready for the road. If your vehicle is in poor condition, then it is likely to cause accidents. Problems like defective brakes, battered windshield wipers and broken lights can lead to accidents. The worst part about driving a car with mechanical problems is that you will never know when it will strike you. However, you can always take the necessary measure to prevent these problems from ruining your driving life.

So remember, the next time a vehicle inspector pulls you over for a broken tail light, they are doing you a favour. It’s your job to fix all the mechanical problems and make sure that they do not resurface.

3.  Vehicle accident

If you are in a road accident, you are supposed to pull over and seek aid. Now, if you happened to see an accident, you may want to offer your testimony to the police. A massive amount of fatal hit and run accidents takes place on a daily basis. The conscience of the culprits goes out of the window as drivers flee the place of the accident without stopping to care. People are scared about what may happen to them if they ever get caught. They simply cannot imagine taking responsibility for their action. The drivers who have no proper documentation or licence are perhaps even more likely to engage in these types of cases.

4.  Drinking under the influence

All the public awareness campaigns about drink driving offences go mostly unheeded by drivers across the UK. Based on the studies about drink driving, almost half of driving-related deaths have been caused by alcohol-fueled escapades. Your irresponsible behaviour behind the wheel could endanger fellow passengers and the lives of people on the road. Drink driving is responsible for causing over 16,000 deaths every year. Yet people continue to engage in it. You must never drive under the influence.

5.  Local laws and curfews

It’s quite common for drivers to be unaware of laws in a specific region and end up breaking them. For instance, if you are driving to a place for the first time, you may not know anything about the laws there. These laws are not publicised enough to be brought to the attention of someone who is new to the place. Local authorities are known for setting up speed traps in different areas and it’s commonplace for the uninitiated to break them. The best way around this problem is by familiarising yourself with the latest developments in the places you’re about to drive through.

6.  Driving without licence or insurance

Do you remember the last time you drove with an expired driver’s license? Do you remember the last time you drove around town without insurance? Well, these two things happen way too often. It’s not that people don’t know the importance of keeping these things up to date, rather, it’s just that we take them for granted. As a responsible driver, you should always keep your driver’s licence and vehicle insurance available for verification by motor authorities.