Case Preparation and Representation Service

Case Preparation and Representation Service

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This is the comprehensive service when you have a court appearance and need advice and representation. This involves interviewing you once on the telephone to ascertain the circumstances of your case to be put into writing to brief the barrister; Reviewing your documents and material evidence; Ensuring that you provide us with the necessary evidence that will be persuasive in your case (e.g. a letter from your employer); Liaising with court on your behalf to list the appropriate hearing.

Representation is: having a barrister meet you at Court before the hearing; Providing a barrister to the final hearing (only) to persuade the court of your case, for example, to keep your licence.

This service covers you for only one hearing because most of the time the preliminary hearings are matters you can deal with yourself. We provide representation at the main hearing where you will need a barrister. Your barrister will discuss the preliminary stages and processes, if you feel additional representation is required your barrister can advise you on fees.

Case Preparation and Representation Service for £645