Penalty table

OffenceImprisonmentFineDisqualificationPenalty Points
Careless driving / without due careNo£2500Discretionary3-9
Dangerous driving2 yearsUnlimitedObligatory3-11 (if exceptionally not disqualified)
Drink driving(driving whilst unfit through drink or drugs or with excess alcohol)6 months£5000Obligatory3-11 (if exceptionally not disqualified)
Failure to provide specimen of breath6 months£5000Obligatory3-11 (if exceptionally not disqualified)
Failure to notify identity of driverNo£2500Discretionary3
Failure to stop at an accident6 months£5000Discretionary5-10
No Driving licenceNo£1000Discretionary3
No insuranceNo£5000Discretionary6-8
Traffic lightsNo£1000Discretionary3
Mobile phone useNo£1000 or £2500 for trade vehiclesNo3-9
Seat beltsNo£500DiscretionaryNo
SpeedingNo£1000 or £2500 for motorway offencesDiscretionary3-6
Driving Penalty Charge

Maximum penalty table for our motoring offences.

Driving Law are able to advise you and represent you in Court to attempt to ensure that you are not sentenced to the maximum fines or prison sentences.

Common offences