Driving offences UK


This area of the Driving Law site allows you to read for yourself about the most common offences.

This includes a summary of what the Prosecution must prove that you have done in order for a Court to convict you of that offence. Defences against offences including examples of previous cases where people have secured an acquittal are contained in the Free Motor Law section.

Driving with excess alcohol

Being in charge of a vehicle with excess alcohol

Being in charge of a vehicle whilst unfit by reason of excess alcohol is defined as driving or attem...

Careless driving / driving without due care

Careless driving (driving without due care)

This offence is committed when the accused’s driving falls below the standard expected of a re...

Disqualification from driving

Disqualification from driving

As a general rule, the Courts will punish high excess speeding offences with instant disqualificatio...


Drink driving offence

Drink driving is defined as driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle on the public highway or ...


Driving While Disqualified

Driving whilst disqualified is considered a serious offence, and as such the maximum penalty on conv...

Failing to provide a specimen of breath

Failing to provide a specimen of breath

Failure to provide a specimen of breath can result in:

Failing to stop / report an accident

Failing to stop/report an accident

After an accident you have been involved in you must stop your vehicle and, if required to do so by ...

driving offences-mobile phone use while driving

Driving Offences – Mobile phone use

It is an offence to use a hand-held phone, or similar device, when driving. If the use of your mobil...


Speeding offence

If you are caught far in excess of the speed limit there is a high risk of an immediate disqualifica...


Driving Law – Seatbelts

It is an offence for an individual not to wear a seatbelt if one is available to wear. However, it a...