Most Commonly Broken Motor Laws

6 Most Commonly Broken Motor Laws You Should Avoid at All Costs

No matter how good a driver you are, you will always end up breaking some motor laws one way or another. The only difference being that some break them voluntarily while others break the laws without even knowing them. Remember, In order to lead a life free of motor law violations, these good driving behaviours […]

8 Driving Mistakes

8 Ways You Did Not Know You Were Breaking Motor Laws While Driving

Everyone is aware of the routine offences like drink-driving, speeding and mobile phone usage. For instance, Drink Driving is a criminal offence that applies to every driver irrespective of their track record. But how many of you know about the bad habits which you picked up along the way, and which when left unaddressed could […]

Driving mistakes to avoid

Seven Driving Mistakes to Avoid During This Heatwave

Summer in the UK is always quite a sight to behold, especially a stroll down the park or a pleasant walk under the sun. The moment the sun comes out shining, everything starts to teem with life and activities. Suddenly, your cities are more cheerful and bustling. The summer season can affect the driving behaviour […]