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Welcome to the driving-law website. My name is Bruce Stuart and I am the founder of driving-law. I am a practising barrister and have been since 1977. Over the last 43 years I have appeared in every level of court in England and Wales. I have a particular interest in driving law and set up driving-law to help motorists understand their rights and the law in relation to motoring offences. Drivers are under ever greater pressure from new complicated motoring legislation. Even the most careful driver can find himself/herself being accused of a criminal offence carrying a severe penalty.

Driving-law is an online resource with detailed information and advice for drivers covering all aspects of motoring law. Our free resources can help you find information on most of the common driving offences and our paid for services will give you absolute clarity when it comes to analysing allegations which may lead to a conviction, or providing advice on the most appropriate way in which to mitigate penalties.Our most popular is the £25 email query. I answer all questions directly and typically within a few hours of receiving them.I look forward to assisting you.Bruce Stuart.

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Driving Law

Common offences

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Careless driving/driving without due care

Even if you are not driving the vehicle, but are in the vehicle on the public highway/public place, you can be…   Read more

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Drink driving

Drink driving is defined as driving or attempting to drive a motor vehicle on the public highway or a public place whilst un...   Read more

Driving While Disqualified

Driving whilst disqualified is considered a serious offence, and as such the maximum penalty on conviction is a fine of up t...   Read more

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Failing to provide a specimen of breath

A popular defence to the charge failing to provide a specimen of breath is based on the defence of “reasonable excuse”. ...   Read more

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Failing to stop/report an accident

After an accident you have been involved in you must stop your vehicle and, if required to do so by any person having reason...   Read more

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Mobile phone use

It is an offence to use a hand-held phone, or similar device, when driving. If the use of your mobile phone results in the s...   Read more

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If you are caught far in excess of the speed limit there is a high risk of an immediate disqualification from driving based ...   Read more

Driving without a seat belt

It is an offence for an individual not to wear a seatbelt if one is available to wear. However, it also the responsibility o...   Read more

View all driving law offences

This area of the Driving Law site allows you to read for yourself about the most common offences. This includes a summary of...   Read more

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